We all know that Halloween is coming up, but did you know that October is also National Dental Hygiene Month? It may be tempting to dive into the trick-or-treat bucket, but it’s important to remember your teeth and practice good oral hygiene, which is essential in preventing bad breath and tooth decay. We compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you keep your fangs healthy this Halloween!

We won’t try to stop you from indulging in a little candy because, let’s face it, you wouldn’t listen to us anyway. But please remember- everything in moderation! We recommend giving your child one or two sweets a day, perhaps in their lunchbox or as an after school treat. Typically, you’re less likely to think about candy when you indulge in a few throughout the day, rather than binging on several at once. Try to avoid sticky candies like taffy and gummy bears. Because these candies cling to your teeth, they take longer to get washed away by saliva and increase the risk of tooth decay. We also recommend steering clear of hard candies. These candies stay in your mouth for long periods of time which subjects your teeth to an increased risk of tooth decay.

Be sure to drink water between rounds of candy. Drinking water is one of the easiest and most beneficial things you can do to fight tooth decay. We also recommend enjoying candies and sweet treats during mealtime. Saliva production increases at mealtime. This helps cancel out acids produced by oral bacteria and also rinses away food particles.

You should already be brushing and flossing every day, but especially during Halloween! We recommend brushing for at least two minutes which will ensure that sugar won’t be sitting on your teeth all night and also decreases the risk of cavities. Flossing removes germs, food particles and plaque that toothbrush bristles can’t reach. Implementing a few of these simple changes will promote good oral hygiene and keep your teeth healthy! For more information on ways to protect your teeth, or to schedule an appointment, visit https://www.stromaindentistry.com/appointments/ or give us a call at (225) 924-7202. Happy Halloween from all of us at St. Romain!

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