No matter who you cheer for, we can all agree on one thing: football season is heating up! Whether you’re setting up a tailgate outside Tiger Stadium or just hosting a watch party in your living room, please remember your teeth! Traditional tailgating food is not always kind to your teeth. By making a few simple changes this season, you can prevent bad breath, tooth decay, and promote good oral hygiene.

Switch it up! Step away from the old reliable of hotdogs and hamburgers and instead, opt for grilling fish, lean meats and vegetables. Lean red meat is chock full of iron, which is beneficial for oral health. If red meat isn’t your thing, go for chicken or turkey, both of which contain niacin.

A lack of niacin can unfortunately result in bad breath and sores. Grill up some veggies to accompany your meat, or serve them raw with a crudité platter. Fiber- rich vegetables, like carrots, broccoli and artichokes, are ideal because they stimulate saliva flow, which helps wash away sugars and bacteria. But, crunchy foods with a high water content, like cucumbers and celery, are just as great to snack on. Not only do they help produce saliva, but they’re also naturally abrasive, meaning they clean the surfaces of your teeth. Cheese and crackers are always a big hit! As we all know, cheese is a good source of calcium and helps put minerals back into your teeth. But, in the interest of oral health, consider serving whole-wheat or whole-grain crackers.

We know what you’re thinking: “what about dessert?” Do your best to skip the traditional cookies and brownies and instead, go for a sugar-free option. Another alternative is sliced fruit with a yogurt dip. Apples, strawberries and bananas all act as a natural toothbrush!

If you’ll be drinking, consider incorporating antioxidants in your cocktails. Cranberry, pomegranate and concord grape juices all go great in a mixed drink, and luckily for us, they’re also antioxidants, meaning they help fight off the bacteria that causes inflammation and gum disease.

If you slip up, don’t worry. We can all get carried away in the excitement of a big game. But, we recommend brushing your teeth after eating, or at the very least, swishing with some water. For more information on ways to protect your teeth, or to schedule an appointment, visit or give us a call at (225) 924-7202.


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